Firstly, @Luke congratulations on your 50th Newsletter! I find the content in the email newsletter to be amazing and so helpful. Do happen to have an archive of all the newsletters? I keep all the emails in a folder and go through them time to time but I am sure I missing a lot of them so was wondering if they are able to be accessed somewhere?


Maybe like a blog or read only forum topic “Newsletter”

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Sounds like you have some good genetics and a great family. I have pictures of five generations with their great great grand mother holding my youngest daughter. She was a month shy of turning 104 when she died. She was interviewed by a local newspaper about being 100 and how she did it. Her response was a good family life and a bit of sipping whiskey. She also dipped a bit of snuff. Never knew what cholesterol was and was sharp until she died in her sleep as mom did. Both had a great sense of humor.

I lost both of my parents in 2019. both were 95 and it was time for them to go as their body and mind was fading fast.

All I can say is take all the pictures or even better video those trips. My parents were married 70 years. My son went to visit my mom shortly before she passed and used his phone to video the conversation. He made a CD of the conversation and gave it to me for a Christmas present. Its priceless as are the pictures of my kids with the five generations together.

Your news letter reminded me of your post about being resentful of a musician you played with when you were younger. I would imagine you would not trade places, even if he was on an album cover. The best things in life are not absolutely free but cannot be purchased at any price. Obviously you made some very good decisions along the way.


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Hey @andy_lacroix after each newsletter is released, I’m formatting each segment of it as forum posts here. So all the info is here and can be discovered when searching for a specific topic. Hope that helps? Thanks for reading. Rock on! :sunglasses:

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