Noob question harmonica repair

I have roughly 10 harmonicas now. I have a crossover in C that I have had a little less than a year and the 10 draw is not responding. What do you all think I should do? Take it apart and see if something is blocking the Reed? If I were to go about replacing the reads, I suppose since it’s screws, it’s a fairly easy thing to do?

Any tips or tricks? I’m a little bit disappointed because I don’t play that aggressively and I don’t play this harmonica exclusively, so I am a little bit surprised. I am having issues. Unless something is just caught in the reed.


Sorry if this is a stupid question but I guess you’ve washed it?


It’s not a stupid question because I’m a noob to harp repair. I’ve only cleaned the outside so far.


Ok. Swish it through hot slightly soapy water then under the tap warm clear water. Let dry standing blow side up. Try that.


Hi @DukeSilver

Wash it, as @toogdog suggests – but do not soak it.

Actually, before washing, take the cover plates off and examine the reed gap for 10 draw. It should look almost identical to the gap for 9 draw. If not, gently press on it with a toothpick (or lift it if more gap is needed). Then test again to see if it plays. Sometimes it is only a speck of dirt or a hair that can fall off when you pluck the reed and then it plays without washing or changing the gap.

Replacing the reed is somewhat tricky and seldom necessary.

– Slim :sunglasses:


Thanks for the feedback. Well, the reed came loose and is playing again, but I’m going to give it a gentle wash, but not a long soak as you all suggested. Thanks for the help!