Note assistance

Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing great and are well.

Feels like forever since I’ve been on here; I have been gigging alot and learning lyrics to songs so my harp time has had to reduce :pensive:
However!! I mentioned a while back about the golden melody lack of stock in A major. Well - after @AstridHandbikebee63 advised me of the new model, I placed a preorder and it arrived today.
I’ve read it is not to the taste of a lot of people, however, for me, as a beginner, I love it! It feels so responsive; my 2 draws are cleaner (that may be down to practice though) and it is extremely comfortable. Thank you @AstridHandbikebee63
I thought I would just put it out there as I think it is great for anyone new to the forum as a beginner
I do have another question/favour that, if anyone has time, would be greatly appreciated.
I mentioned to @Luke that I am singing at a gig in May, where I’ll be singing Piano man and also playing the harmonica element while my friend plays piano. I’ve also been asked to do another song of my choosing, and although I’ve mentioned it on here and in the lesson comments, I’ll never tire of it.
It is called pencil full of lead by Paulo Nutini. There is a harmonica being played in the song, but it is well beyond my current capabilities. However,there is also a trumpet being played and I wondered if it would be possible to play the trumpet element on my harp?
And to be even more of a pain, I wondered if anyone has a good ear to help me with tabs (if it is possible that is). I’ve looked on the internet, and can’t seem to find anything that sounds correct. I have melodyne software and that is also not giving me the best results.
The link to the version of the song is below. There is no rush, and I understand if people do not have time to assist, but I felt it was worth asking the question.
Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.
Thank you


Hello @daniel.annable2,

Great that you like the New Golden Melody and that you got it on time!

I had put myself on the list for the Bb. Here the delivery is delayed to at least April 10th. The pitch isn’t that common, but it doesn’t bother me.

Good luck with the “pencil”. I don’t really know the song. There is some bending in it, but otherwise many of the same tones and very fast… :grimacing:

Have a nice weekend! Regards Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position: