Now I really have no excuse

My introduction to high quality harmonica has started. Here is my first Hohner, seven Special 20s. Is it overkill for a harmonica newbie? Yep. Is it overkill for my B2B course? Yep. Here are the new harps. This certainly gives me the tools to grow over time. Fun stuff.


It’s not overkill if you stay with it and can afford it. I gave my brother a $20 harmonica a few years ago, next thing you know he’s got all these Rockets and expensive harp cases and tutorials and then he never stuck with it and completely stopped playing, all a waste of time and money. Didn’t you like the Fenders?


Yes I love the Fender Blues Deluxe. This too was a gift from a friend. I made a post but removed the post. Felt it was too much detail. A friend paid for them and I ordered them. He felt I needed nicer instruments. Older guy who moved away but we still talk. He has his dad’s Hohner Marine Band. The Fender harp is great. From the first draw (I redid todays lessons), I could hear and feel the difference. It is subtle but it is there. The Special 20 has a fuller sound and vibrates more in the hand. I notice that it is slightly easier to inhale and exhale, like it takes slightly less effort. Basically I would not have these if my 1000 mile away older friend did not buy them. Too rich for my fixed income. LOL


YES @blindfarmer

I agree 100%! Special 20’s are GREAT harps. Big thanks to your friend for hooking you up! Good friend indeed.


Nice set of harps. Congratulations! great friend to buy these for you and support your musical interest.


Thank you. This is the same person who did not see the value in a budget guitar that was sold in cataligs decades a go. He has Fender stuff and did not use this guitar. He gave me a Danelectro U2 in Daddy-O Yellow.