Ozzy Osbourne

I just came across this, posted 4 hours ago by the Ozzy Osbourne channel.
I haven’t heard it yet, just heard harmonica in the intro, and had to share immediately!

Wow! Just finished listening to it, blew me away!
I don’t write music as heavy as this, but this is the type of thing I want to do with harmonica!

When I saw the Ozzy Osbourne Hohner Harmonica, I doubted that Ozzy really cared about playing harmonica much at all, but obviously, it is a passion of his.


Ozzy’s got some nice licks, isn’t he playing himself on “The Wizard”? :metal:


Yea, @Dave_Dunn thanks for sharing this hard rocking harmonica tune! :metal:t3: Great tune, amazing drumming, amazing production. Love the maniacal laugh before the outro. Seems like he could’ve gotten a new harp that was a bit more in tune before recording it though. (Sorry to be so snobbish. In fact I’ll rescind that statement since it’s punk rock to be out of tune and Ozzy is rock royalty. :joy:)

Yeah, Ozzy’s got actual harmonica skills…and his harmonica looks so cool with the coffin as a case, lol. I must confess I have one on my wish list!!! :sunglasses:

You’re right, @LeoJ, that IS him playing on “The Wizard” by Black Sabbath. :raised_hands:t3:

One of the all-time great hard rock songs with harmonica in it, imo. Adding this one to the list now too. Thanks Dave!