Pets and the sound of harmonica

This is kind of off-topic, but also a little bit about harmonicas, so I thought it was best to put it here. Feel free to move if necessary.

I have a cat. She is very sweet and never bites, hisses or scratches at you. But she supposedly hates the sound of my harmonica. Now, she never gets hostile, but when she hears me playing, she will come to me and give her opinion. I suppose her ears are very sensitive to the kind of sound a harmonica makes.

I try to circumvent this by playing in a room with a closed door (this has mixed results as she often wants to get into the room where I am anyway)

Does anybody have similar experiences?

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LOL! Yup! My dog howls like a maniac when he hears harmonica. I always have to kick him out of the room whenever I start playing, lol. He just can’t help himself!

I had 2 dogs and one would go to the furthest point away from my harmonica playing available to him. The other could and would stay in the same room with me playing. I guess it affects each pet differently.

LOL. That’s hilarious! Yeah, Roger that. I have 2 dogs, the one, I mentioned can’t stop himself from howling obsessively, the other seems totally oblivious to it.

Well if it helps my cat will just look at me with disgust and go out when I play

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Nice. Typical Cat. :wink: “Meow. You’ll never be as cool as me. Meow.”

My dog comes to the room when i get to the high notes of Hallelujah

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Ha! You’re lucky if he’s not howling, though!

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This dog came to me at our cabin thats in the woods and hung out there
For 2 weeks waitin on us to come back.i have a game camera for security and every time i got a pic she was layin on the porch so we brought her home so we named her CampDog.

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