Powdered coated Cover plates

I previously incorrectly posted that these were powder coated plates, but I was wrong. Although I also love the powder coated plates too. both are so smooth on the lips and enhance the tone. They are rust proof. They look cool too! Please read what Tom Halchak , Blue Moon harmonicas, posted about them:" These covers are not powder coated. Powder coating is kind of like paint that is baked on to the metal. These covers have Hydrographic Film on them. Another name for the process is called “Water Transfer”. The graphic is printed on water soluable film. The film is then floated on water and after it disolves, all that is left is the image, which is then transfered to whatever is being coated by imersing the item in the water. Afterwards, the graphic is protected with a coat of clearcoat paint - just like what they use on cars.
I made a batch of these covers several years ago. I outsourced the work to a local shop. It was very expensive. Very. Even though I charge $39.95 for them - which I admit is expensive - I am not making much profit on them. Apparently the price point is a bit high because it has taken me years to sell all the covers, whereas with the powder coated covers, which is a far less expensive process, I have sold over a thousand sets of covers over the years.
The good news is that I have purchased the supplies that will enable me to start making the Hydrographically Printed covers myself. It will save me money which will mean that I can charge less and still be profitable. I will also be abl eto make smaller batches and make them on demand. Stay tuned. I plan to launch this project soon."


Ooooh that’s exciting! Can’t wait to see what the new price point is. Please keep us posted. Thanks for the update!