Practice Schedule?

Hi all! I’m Stacy and I just found this site after I became utterly confused and frustrated at a competitor’s sight which, after I bought my harmonica (10 hole, diatonic, Key of C) was told I’d need a different harp (Key of A) in order to do their lesson plan. I’m so keen to learn that I actually did buy the 2nd harmonica in the Key of A but having it didn’t make the lessons any clearer; the instructor was all over the place. So after more research, I found this site and I already feel more at ease with the lesson plans and I bought the membership.

So I have a question- when Luke was introducing the program in the very 1st video, I noticed a booklet that contained learning schedules for 1, 3 and 6 month timeframes and it looked like the student could mark the boxes as he/she completed each tutorial. Can anyone tell me where I can find that? Do I have to buy it separately? Or is it digital? I think something like this will help me with being accountable for my practice sessions, plus it’ll be fun to see how I progress.

I’m grateful for any guidance you can give me :slight_smile: Thank you to my new harmonica family <3 <3 <3


Hey there.
Assuming you’re doing the “Beginner to Boss” program, you can get a copy of the booklet if you go to the “Extras” box just below the title and above the videos, for “course materials - extras”. The booklet is there. The schedule is on page four I think.


Got it! Thank you so much, don’t think I would have found it easily without your help, cmirvine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hey Stacy - so happy to have you in the harmonica fam! As you know that C harmonica is all you need for the Beginner to Boss course, but not to worry, that Key of A harmonica is gonna be fun when you get to the One Man Banding module at the end.

It’ll still be your C when you’re playing along with me, but once you have one of the basic grooves down, it’ll be real fun to play it on the A harp!

You can go get a sneak peak of those if you want, on your Beginner to Boss homepage, under the “Continue” button, there are all the Modules, and the + button reveals Lessons within each module - module 7 is One Man Bending.

I see you found the course booklet. (Thanks @cmirvine!) Don’t forget you can download the jam tracks from there as well (at the bottom under 50 first songs.)

RE: Practice Schedules. The accountability is GREAT and I applaud you. But, on the one hand, don’t hesitate to spend more than one day on a lesson if it feels fun and inspiring to you. And, on the other, don’t feel like you have to nail everything perfectly, especially on the fastest speed. Just keep truckin’.

Most important thing: play as often as possible, stay inspired, and HAVE FUN.

Rock on,

Hi Luke and thanks for your email. I’m really enjoying your lessons. I like the fact that they are short and to the point which allows the student to focus and repeat as necessary. I found that the very first lessons I was able to do once and move on, but now I’m into the later modules and I see that I need to repeat them several times to really wrap my head (and mouth, lol) around the concepts.

I’m actually a guitar student, having picked up a dusty old acoustic during the NY COVID quarantines. I promised myself that if I self-learned for 3 months and was still interested, I’d go to the next step by buying a decent guitar and finding a teacher, both of which I’ve done. I’ve been with my teacher now for a year and 3 months. I’m learning music theory along with how to play. Happily, knowing music theory lends itself perfectly to your harmonica lessons and that makes me so happy and proud.

Thanks again!

Stacy Bate, Thiells, NY

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Wow, Stacy - good for you for sticking with guitar and getting yourself a teacher! And now you’re adding harmonica too? That’s so awesome to hear.

I’m a guitar player myself and played for 5 or 6 years before picking up a harp, and still play guitar live and the studio a lot.

The music theory stuff is so cool in being able to draw inspiration from guitar and apply it to harmonica and vice versa. I’m guessing you’ve notice that there is a music theory module in the Beginner to Boss course as well?

Rock on,