Pre-WWII harmonica demo

I am playing mostly Tom Halchak’s pre-WWII Marine band refurbished harmonicas and a few of his Special 20’s with recessed brass combs. The music starts at the 8 minute mark. Thank you Ronnie Shellist for the acoustic backing tracks used.
Wishing you all health and happiness❤

Welcome everyone to my virtual 70th birthday celebration.

I will be performing new songs I wrote this week, in chronological order of my early life, based on my unreleased autobiography.

An important note, although these songs describe a less than ideal early life, I am very happy now, as I am blessed with my wonderful forever love for over 50 years, Lois, 2 wonderful sons and their families, making me a 5 time proud Saba, grandfather.

I will be playing restored Pre-WWII Hohner Marine Band harmonicas and solid brass harmonicas provided by my dear friend Tom Halchak These are very special to me. These German made harmonicas have a Jewish star engraved on the cover. Once the Nazis came to power, they stopped making them with the star. Both of my parents survived the Holocaust. It is in their honor, that I play these harmonicas. Thank you, Tom, for restoring and providing these fine quality instruments for this special occasion.

I will welcome those that want to say hello between songs.

I have one birthday gift that I will give to you. Now that I am 70, I feel that it is important for me to share an experience from when I was 18, in school in Israel, which forever foundationally changed me. It gave me understanding of the interconnection of the ONE energy that flows through ALL of us-LOVE.

Here is the link to these 2 tracks to this post:

The first is my interpretation of the biblical story of Genesis. The second track is the experience I had that led me to my new understanding of life. I used snippets of classic songs as backing for my vocals. I am not making a penny from this, so please pass on these tracks, so others may appreciate them. Thank you!

Love, peace and happiness!


Hi @stevenlois1 . I wanna wish you a very happy 70th birthday :partying_face:

You have a great sound. Here’s to a great 2022 for you


Thank you very much!


Excellent, @stevenlois1 !! Have a not only a Happy 70th Birthday, but also a healthy, peace- and love-filled new year in your life! :notes: :partying_face:

Best regards,
– Slim :sunglasses:


Thank you, Slim😊


Happy Belated Birthday @stevenlois1! I love everything about your post here, and I am sharing specifically your harmonica solo to make sure people get to hear what a gifted harmonica player you are! What a treat.


I recorded individual tracks I made up from stories of growing up. Here is a link to my YouTube channel where there are a lot more songs:

I am playing Special 20 harps with RECESSED brass combs from Blue Moon harmonicas. They are so easy to play.


Thank you so much Luke!
I greatly appreciate it!