Prefer the sound of G harmonicas

I prefer the harmonicas in the key of G. The C is too tinny and squeaky. Maybe it is my ears. The notes are easier to resolve when playing along with tunes on the radio. I am a beginner, still working on single notes with Luke.

Right on! Yes, the G is much lower and less tinny than the C. In terms of being able to play along with the radio, that’s just luck of the draw of what key songs happen to come on. Rock on, my friend.

I think the C harmonica is often recommended as a 1st harp because it’s in the middle of high - low tuned range of harps. C harps are more responsive than low tuned harps that can be real wind machines. High tunings (say, E) seem more technically fussy about breath control. Also, plenty of folk type music is played in C and many blues/rock music is played in G, which is played with a C harp in 2nd position (cross harp). For just playing on your own? I get why you like the G, I do too.


Ya, Trapper all very true and good points here! Also, another good reason to start with C harp: most beginner harmonica tutorials use C, so you can play along with. I also love low harps when playing alone. But when playing live with a band, it’s difficult to get them to really cut thru the mix.

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