Pub Gigs

For those pub gigging, what’s your preference for amplification:

  1. through the PA, via mixer
  2. mic up your own amp via mixer through the PA
  3. beefed up amp not requiring and additional mic, mixer or PA
  4. other

Be very interested to hear your experiences.


I can’t be the only one to play in pubs (of course, around here we seldom call them “pubs”) but here goes: I almost always bring my amp & mic. That’s usually enough, but depending on the gig will sometimes line out to the PA or mic into the PA. Occasionally I’ll play clean through a vocal mic into the mixer.


Thanks @Trapper to be honest I’m looking at doing the same and start using my amp more as I’m finding I just can’t replicate the sound I’m looking for through a mixing desk and PA.

Could I ask what amp you use for said events.


I use a Ronnie Shellist Signature Stage 5 tube amp. It’s small, pretty light weight and amazing put-out. When I first showed up with this amp my bandmates were surprised at the sound and volume. I’ve since sold my two bigger amps. I play through an old Shure Brown Bullet mic that was re-worked by Greg Heumann.


Brilliant thanks @Trapper that’s exactly the direction of travel I’m heading. Apart from the larger amps being heavy and cumbersome they’re just too loud for the pub venues I play, so I can’t seem to overdrive the sound in any meaningful way.

I think I’m going to try my Laney Cub 10 tonight and see how she fairs.

Happy harping!


I use 2 small amps run in stereo - A 5W Blackheart head into a 4x4" Crate cab is one, and a 20W Hog is the other. Depending on the size of the club I will mic one of them. I’m using a Jason Ricci Mic into a little pedal board with a parallel compression/volume boost pedal (Strymon Compadre), the Harp Attack pedal, a delay, and a stereo reverb that feeds my amps.

I also have a mic that I can use for background vocals and play clean if the song calls for it. (If the bandleader plays a song that calls for a more 1st position folksy approach, for example, I will use the clean PA mic, or sometimes on a quiet ballad or something.)


Thanks @Luke for such a comprehensive reply.

Great set up and makes perfect sense.

Really interesting that you use a pedal, I love the variety pedals offer but have really struggled with feedback when using. I’ll look into your pedal and see if that can offer another sound/effect option.

Thanks again as always.

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