Recommend Notation Software

Can anyone recommend their favorite software for writing out transcriptions with notation and tabs?


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Hey @colinmort nice to see ya around the forum again! Can you clarify what you are wanting to do?

Are you wanting to create sheet music? For this I use Logic Pro X, because I can play a melody in with a keyboard, quantize/fix MIDI, and then adjust in the score.

If you’re on a Mac, Logic Pro is $200 which is really cheap for what a robust software it is.

In my experience, the #1 industry standard for creating charts is Sibelius, followed by Finale.

Any of these are going to have learning curves.

But if you’re just wanting to add tabs to an existing piece of sheet music, I recommend doing it the old fashioned way… with a pencil!

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Hi Luke,
Thanks for the response
I was talking about something like Sibelius or Finale but maybe a less expensive version. MuseScore looks like it is free, but I wasn’t sure if it was really free or worth it. I’ll probably try that and move to one of the other two.

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