Relaxation 🤙

How yall doin lol? I know that Luke is always saying to start playing from a nice relaxed place…but I’ve been going through some personal stuff that’s been really tough the last week or so. I know it goes against what he teaches but when I start to play and do some of the lessons I find myself getting more relaxed lol. Thanks again for the great courses!!!


G’Day @dwoolverton8823
Yeah. i think the harp really helps to get your mine off the stresses that can be going on in your life. Keep at it. it can only be good! :slightly_smiling_face:


The harmonica forces us to breathe properly, and that’s a huge part of being relaxed, so it makes sense that you would become relaxed while playing :slight_smile:

I too tend to forget things around me while playing


Yeah man. Sometimes forget about the lessons and technique, unplug, and just allow yourself to play totally freely, and put all of your emotion into every note you play. To me that’s the really redemptive part of music.

I remember a concert I played harmonica at about 5 years ago. My wife and I were working so hard running an afterschool music program at the time. The day of the concert I got notice of a couple bounced checks. One of my bandmates had a seizure in the car when were driving to the show. It was a tough day.

But when it came time to play the harmonica, I put all of my emotion into it, and the result was AMAZING. The crowd could feel it. In that moment I was able to actually feel grateful for the struggle.

So yeah the as @vibe said the breathing itelf is REALLY GOOD for relaxation, and also the music itself is a catalyst to transform suffering into beauty.

Thanks for sharing.

Rock on,