Replacement part for older 64Chromonica

Does anyone know where I might find a slide for a 64Chromonica, 1967-1972 model? Mine is slightly bent, and keeps sticking. I would settle for a whole slide assembly. It has a plastic comb.


Hi @Boogyman2049

Have you enquired by either Hohner USA or Hohner in Germany?

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Yes, no luck. They have a site that has parts, but I’m not sure it’s the same slide. Besides I can’t buy it directly from them, and I do not know where to go to buy it. Don’t want to get the wrong part. Thanks for the suggestion, anyway.


Don’t know if you’re in the US. If so, contact Ron Hobdy at:
8880 Canis Ln
San Diego CA 92126
Ph 858 566 9545

His website says:
Folks, we get lots of spam calls. If we don’t answer, please leave a detailed message. It’s even better if you can email us. That way we can send pics or links. Please be patient, we will get back to you the same or next business day.


Hey @Boogyman2049 welcome to the forum. I have no idea about chromatic stuffs. I’m not sure if the amazing technician @Boaz_Kim_Music might know if the slide at Hohner parts site would fit in the 1967-1972 model?

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@Boogyman2049 Sorry I’m getting back to you so late. It’s possibly not the same slide as the current models, but the parts are interchangeable I’m pretty sure. The one you have, with the plastic comb (orange/faux wood?) probably has the slightly longer throw and is cross tuned - the holes in the slide zigzag. The current slides have a slightly shorter throw.

It’s possible that you could get the slide straightened which I have done before more than several times with repair orders as long as the slide isn’t too bent/creased.

I think my fellow tech Michael Easton might even have a few of those exact slides in his shop. I could send you his info if needed.