Replacement reed plates

I see there is all types of players here, old and new. I’m hoping someone can advise me on a problem. I’ve got a Buckeye Music, Maverick, key of D. It needs new reed plates. Buckeye seems to have gone out of business. I’d like to repair this harp because it feels and sounded great while playing. Does anyone know where Buckeye bought their reed plates? They look like and have the same screw pattern as some Suzuki harps. I don’t want to spend $50 on something that doesn’t fit (might as well replace the harp) but like I said I really like this harp. Does anyone know of compatible reed plates?


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I’m new to the forum, and to the harmonica, but in the adverts of the movie I’m watching on TV, I found this.


So after doing some “interwebs” research I found out that Suzuki made these harps for Buckeye. Fred at is checking to see if he has some reed plates that will fit.


So a little follow-up on this feed. Big thanks go out to Fred at . He helped me research and we found out that this harp was made by Kongsheng for Buckeye Music and reed plates for some Kongsheng, some Suzuki and some Bushman harps will fit this Buckeye Maverick. The Kongsheng replacement are the easiest on the pocketbook. Meanwhile I also bought a Seydel Blues session from Fred and I highly recommend doing business with him. He goes out of his way to be helpful and is easy to do business with.


Awesome. Great stuff here @explorermatt! Thanks so much for sharing this great info. :facepunch:t3:

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