Right Hand Hold

I picked up the harmonica and tried playing tabs before ever looking at youtube or starting the begginer course here. When I started the lessons and the more I looked into it, everyone holds their harp with their left hand. I started by holding with my right hand and it just feels right, even when I cup with my left. Is there a reason everyone plays with their left? Anyone else hold with their right hand? Should I try to learn holding with my left or keep going with my right. Still very green so im not sure if theres something Im missing.


Honestly, I don’t know why most people hold the harp in their left hand but here’s my opinion. If you want to hold it in your right hand, go right ahead. There’s nothing stopping you from enjoying what you love. For players that hold it in their right hand, one guy immediately comes to mind: Terry McMillan. He’s right handed, but picked up the harmonica upside down when he first started out and learned how to play right handed.


Right on! Thanks for that


I’ve recently changed to holding the harp in my right hand. Lower noted on the left as normal but use my right hand instead my left.

This is the way I’ve started to hold the harp.


Ive tried switching to left when I started the beginner’s course but it just felt extremely weird. Im staying rightly.


@Adrian.flores22 Yeah I agree with everyone here. I go back and forth. You can hold it any which way. When evaluating any technique, the rule is: If it SOUNDS good, and it FEELS good, then it IS good. That’s it. Period.