Road House Blues Boss

I just went back into “Beginner to Boss” because i was having trouble with “Road House Blues”, I love that song!! The Doors number and I was determined to master it (lol).
Anyway after several days of intense playing at all speeds and one blown out -4 draw on my C harp, i quickly ran down to my local store purchased another one and carried on playing,

I finally got there!! Sometimes you think you’re not getting anywhere and you have to stop and think of where you were 6 months or a year ago to realize that you are progressing.

Anyway, this has given me the confidence and knowledge to show me that if i persist with a song and have fun along the way i will eventually get it!


Now to fix my old “C” harp!!


Oh wow that’s so fantastic! Congrats!

And how true. I’m so guilty of always moving the goal posts without celebrating victories along the way. It’s so important!

Rock on!