Rock 'n' Blues Harmonica

Maybe out of print but I bought a book some years ago by Jon Gindick, Rock ‘n’ Blues Harmonica, The story is sort of hokey, but a lot of good info on positions and chords and riffs etc…

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That’s a great book. I bought it back in the eighties. Very helpful in getting my blues groove, when all I could play was “Oh Susanna”.


That was my second Jon Gindick book (the first – Country and Blues Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless – came with a nice little Hohner harp called a Pocket Pal that had a sort of clear plastic comb and I played it for about 20 years :dizzy_face:). Both books are gems, IMO. I still have them and will never part with them. Unfortunately the original Pocket Pal harp finally passed on and now resides in “Harp-Players Heaven” … :pray: :wink:

– Slim :sunglasses:


Very cool Slim. I had both books also. Unfortunately I loaned Country and Blues Harmonica fot the Musically Helpless to an acquaintance an never saw it again. That book had an excellent section on bending ( oooooo - eeeeee) that got me bending in minutes.


These books are all still available as downloads on Jon Gindick’s web site: Download Jon Gindick's Harmonica Books & Recordings
Most of them also come with audio files. I agree – I think his material is great.
I also feel compelled to say it is better to support the author by purchasing the material directly from him, rather than downloading it from a different archive.