Rust or Oxidation on brand new Hohner Thunderbird?


I noticed some spots on the brass, on the front of my brand new Hohner Thunderbird. (Not played before, and packaging was sealed.)
What are these spots? Can I clean it, or should I send it back and ask for a replacement?

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Get in touch with the company and see if you can return it


Here is a thought. This is my DIY side typing lol. If everything else is fine, it plays like it should, then it is probably oxidation from where it was handled, maybe humid environment in shipping, the store, etc. I would take blue painters tape and cover the exposed comb. Then take a drop of two of Brasso on a polishing cloth and buff the untaped surfaces shiny. Problem solved in a few minutes. No trip to the store, no hassle of returns, no waiting for a replacement. You have brass and stainless steel there. A metal polish like Brasso will make the harmonica quite shiny. Works great on guitar frets.

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When I saw your post I ran to the Blues Harp I got yesterday and took this picture so I could see if I had the same issue. Apparently not. It was $29.95 + free shipping in the factory sealed box, should be $40 or more.


Hey @Maestro welcome to the forum! From whom do did you buy it?

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Thomann (online music store).
I contacted them and send the harmonica back.
I will get a replacement. :slight_smile:


Glad you are getting the harmonica worked out.


Hello @Maestro,
with Thomann you have good service! You are very well known, especially here in Germany. I have had 2 complaints so far and everything was done well without any stress.

Best regards from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


I got a replacement.
It also has corrosion, and on top of that, hole 1 is less responsive.
A bit unlucky.
I asked for a refund, because for a price of around $100, I expect a Harmonica that looks and plays good, right out of the box.


Ouch. That really sucks. I hope you find you find your sweetharp soon.



I have gotten more than one Hohner with the dark spots. In fact I cannot recall getting one that was without a small amount Evan a set of reed plates has them. They don’t bother me unless some are on the reed or very close, which has happened and the Harmonica replaced.

I decided to get A Lee Oksar and it plats very well on every note with ease.

I am beginning to thing the wooded combs have something to do with it. After a couple of weeks I could see the out line of the comb and the plates.

When all is well well a Hohner is great but after laying the L O, which has a plastic I am going to think long and hard to not get a L E. It just lats better and can be clean with warm water W/O harm. The wooden comb is sealed on the outside but is not inside. Moisture can soak into the wood. It is then the wooden comb seems to cause m problems. I am need and hopefully a few of the players can comment about the best of the two and which type of comb is best to play.