I think I can bend the lower notes but am not sure. I relax and drop my jaw, then slowly raise my tongue with tip very close to the top of my mouth. I can feel air moving around my tongue and a lower sound that seems to drop as I move my tongue back. The pitch varies depending on how far back I move my tongue. Does not work as well on the higher notes. Is this bending or just creating noise? Only time I can alter the high tabs is when I extend my tongue and then move it back when blowing.

Also I find use of diaphragm on higher draws seems best and produces cleaner notes. Is this the best method to getting sharper notes on high draws? It also seems to require less air from a breathing standpoint. I hope it is as its the only thing that works well for me.



Hi @scott4

Install a tuning app on your smartphone to help with achieving accurate bent notes. Another, perhaps better option is to use the Bend It Better tool (not an app but can be reached with your web browser at Bend It Better™ – The Tool That Helps You Bend Harmonica in Tune!

– Slim :sunglasses:


You beat me to it @Slim.


Heh, heh :smiling_imp:



Thanks very much for your rapid response. As always your help is appreciated. I played chess online and read through the associated forum. Almost all post were an attempt to convince other people how smart they are.

I really enjoy this forum as everyone seems more than happy to help the new guys like me. No political arguments, rude responses, etc. No one seems to care what others do for a living or how much money they my have. its only people that have a common love for the harmonica and help others. It reminds me of when I began to fly model airplanes and all the guys were very helpful. I was 12 years old and very unfunded. The others were men and like could care less about what someone else did for a living or who much education one may have. Until I started reading this forum finding a group of people from all over the world that have a common love of the harmonica and the willingness to help. Hopefully I will get to the point that I can help other new players.

Thanks to you and all others that have answered my questions and request for help.



Right on @Scott4 this warms my heart bro! Rock on! :sunglasses:

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