Ok. Please remind me I’m an idiot, but is site search hard for anyone else to find?

Site feedback category link from faq… Site feedback

I think this is what you are looking for at the top.


This link appears faulty. I have sent it to one of the Admin users. If that doesn’t work we can send it to Luke. It took me here

No search icon on my android app.

Try fixing view setting first then. Ok. Very odd. I’m an Android too. Try completely uninstalling the app. Then restart the phone. Then check for any updates on you phone. Install them. Restart again. Then install the app again. Also check you are on MOBILE VIEW. Not desktop

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Check this first. If your on desktop view on your phone it shrinks the site to fit phone screen and skips things


Tried changing view. Removed and reinstalled app (app is not available in Google play store.) I’ll try rebooting phone. Rebooting did not help. Using chrome browser does not work either.

No dont. Your phone will not work well. All your settings lost. Can you please send me a shot of this page

Edge works

Ok. I’m pretty sure what you have is an icon on your phone for then its opening the forum. Not the actual APP. Because I can see the browser top line. Give me a minute

The browser was chrome. So app doesn’t work. Chrome doesn’t work (uses chrome?) Microsoft Edge works.

Ok, inside the app you shouldnt see the browser. Both browsers should work to get to the forum though. I use SAMSUNG INTERNET on my phone and CHROME on my desktop. the strange thing is that the app has disappeared from googleplay.

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Not In playstore but shows installed by playstore but really installed from link from web site access. Remember I did remove, went to we site, was prompted for app and installed. But only works in edge not in app (no url)

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Ok, If you can get it to work I guess that’s a bonus. My friend and I have really similar but not identical Samsung phones. they both behave really differently. I am about to have to get a new one and I am dreading it even though I am obsessed with computers and phones. Better not get off topic. I have sent a message to admin. It will be interesting to see what they say. ttfn Toog.