Seydel blues session - steel

Hey All,

Sitting in my cart about ready to pull the trigger… Will Wilde rock tuning key of c is available. Thought I’d ask for any opinions on this harmonica and tuning. I’ve no particular objective for this harp - just though I’d try one since I luv the sound of this video and the potential for country playing.

Am I crazy??



Hi Ed @EasyEd,

Go for it, Ed – you are definitely not crazy! I have a Seydel 1847 Wilde Tuned harp in A and really have fun with it!! The upper register note layout is simple to learn and allows you to do all sorts of cool licks in a very simple way (using just the typical draw bends that are also used at the lower end of the harp) that otherwise would require you to learn the difficult overblows and overdraws for that area of the harp.

The Session Steel model is a relatively inexpensive way to check out this type of tuning, and if you really like it then you can always move up to the 1847 model if you desire.

I can only repeat: I really enjoy my Wilde Tuned harp! :musical_note:

– Slim :sunglasses:

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