Seydel nonslider

When playing chromatic harmonicas the problems with valves have seriously reduced my joy in playing. I have finally found a chromatic harmonica that is valveless and has, to my ear, lovely sound and full volume. It also, is capable of bends and overblows, although I do not currently use them. It appears to be as reliable as a diatonic harmonica, as it has no slide.

The standard NONSLDER comes in the key of C - 12 holes 3 octaves, starting with C4. It is offered in a number of keys and with orchestra tuning in C, starting with G3. The notes below C4 are normally valved (I think half-valved) I have the standard C and also, have the orchestra tuned version, which is my goto axe. The orchestra tuned version allows me to carry just 1 harmonica and play all the melodies (not that many) that I know, with the ability to play some of them an octave lower than the standard C version. I have had no problems with the half-valving below C4 (generally with chromatic harmonicas I have not had problems with the valves on the low notes sticking.)

It is so great to be able to play, as soon as I pick up my chromatic and not worry about a valve sticking.

P.S. You can also have Seydel configure this harmonica to any tuning you want.