Shanty by Jonathan Edwards

Luke, I watched your 9 year old (?) explanation of the intro to the song Shanty, and you mentioned the tabs but didn’t see them. Can you share the tabs to this song? I’m not sure I followed correctly strictly from the video. Thanks.

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Slide 1- to 4- 4+ 4-(oi oi oi) 4+ 3-(h) 3-(W) 2-

3-(h) 4- 4+ 4-(oi) 5- 4- 4-4-(h) 3- 2- 2-

4- 4-4-(h) 3-(h) 2- 2- 2- 3-(h) 4+ 4- 4- 4-4-(h) 3-(h) 2- 2-

4- 4+ 5- 5+ 6- 6+ 6- 6+ 5- 5+ 4- 4+ 3- 4+ 4- 4+ 3- 3+

5-4-3- 3+ 2- 2+ 1- 2+ 3+ 3+ 2+ trill: 3-4-

3-(h) 4+ 4-(h) 4-(oi) 5- 4- 4-4-(h) 3- 4+ 4- 4+ 3-(h) 3+ 2- 2+ 1-

And that’s Shanty, by Jonathon Edwards! Hope you liked the video. Please like and subscribe, check me out on Redirecting..., Twitter @Funkyharp, and if you’re enjoying the lessons, I hope you’ll consider picking up one of my albums, Breathin’, by Playa T. when it drops in 2015, Lord willing. Lol.

Thanks for watching!


Luke Clebsch aka Playa T.


You need to scroll down when watching the youtube video these tabs are underneath.


@mmmcrs Looks like. @toogdog hooked you up with the tabs - THANKS TOOOOOG!

Shanty is such a great song. Hope you’re having fun with it @mmmcrs!

Rock on! :sunglasses:

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Hi Luke,

Though I’m going very slowly thru it,
I’m having nothing but fun with your beginner course. It’s a blast.

I saw J0nathan Edwards play that song when in college back in the '70s. Loved it then and still do. It’s going to take me a long time to get it, but I’m not giving up.



@mmmcrs - Slow is the best way to go! Slow and steady wins the race! Or, as I like to put it: the faster you wanna grow, the more you have to go SLOW! :sunglasses:

So cool you got to see Jonathan Edwards.

Yes, never give up! You’ll be reap the rewards of every moment you invest. Rock on! :sunglasses:

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