Silver cover plates demo

I am demoing silver cover plates on both a F And low D special 20 harmonicas. I’m using Tom Halchak"s recessed brass combs as the platform. First I play using the stock cover plates and then switch to the silver.
Personally I couldn’t detect a big enough difference between the 2 to justify the $160 cost.
I have been playing harp for over 50 years and have experimented with many configurations. The only thing I discovered that made a significant improvement in tone, warmth, clarity and fullness, air tightness and most importantly- ease of play was Tom Halchak"s recessed brass combs FOR $64.95. I have been gigging with them for 8 years. These are true lifetime instruments!


Hi @stevenlois1

Thanks for the demo comparing these cover plates. I seemed to notice a very slight difference between them, with the silver cover plates being perhaps a tiny bit betterbut $160 better??? Absolutely not! For around $160 one can purchase a really good customized harp (for example from Joe Spiers or from J.A. Harmonicas) or for $130 a Seydel 1847 Lightning with polished stainless steel reeds and excellent sound and playability. :point_left: :+1:

– Slim


I totally agree. I also tried brass. It didn’t much enhance the tone either and it had an unpleasant metallic taste. I had to get the brass ones chrome plated to make it playable.
One enhancement I 100% recommend for impving tone and playability is the RECESSED brass Combs from Tom Halchak"s Blue Moon harmonicas for $64.95. He has them for various brands and they all sound great!
CAUTION: After trying the first one, you will want to replace them all.


Thanks for sharing this. Had not been aware of any of that!