Single Note Isolation Success

I was just watching the “how to play low rider” video from and in the beginning he is demonstrating how to tilt the harp and pucker the corners of the mouth. immediately it WORKED! I had been struggling with note isolation until this video. I was slightly discourage for a few days because my first harp, a fender blues deluxe had some sort of issue where the first 3 holes would not blow and I could feel air hitting my hand on the right end of the harp. I ordered a Hohner Special 20 and wanted to keep going despite the setback and not only was I able to isolate the notes thanks to the tutorial but I was able to play a very clumsy and slow version of the song in minutes. I’m tickled to death. For me, this is so cool I had to share.


@CampfireVampire, very good! :clap::slightly_smiling_face:


@CampfireVampire I’m so happy that you’re playing harmonica, and I HOPE YOU NEVER QUIT! Keep on rocking…



Thanks Luke. Just bought a second harp, upgraded the comb through blue moon and working through some tab books while using different tutorials online to learn new tricks. My goal is to practice and tinker my way into breakthroughs with no expectations of playing blues in a dimly lit, smoke filled bar 6 months from now. It just doesn’t work like that. This kinda reminds me of learning to weld…you just really stink at it until one day you don’t and then you can really go place with it.