Small Wall Of Folk Instruments

Hello everyone. I thought I would share my small wall of acoustic folk instruments. Sure they has other uses but this path fits better in a harmonica forum. Three of the instruments belonged to my dad. One was a gift from a friend, and the other was a thank you for helping to save a life.
Top left is a 1979 Kay Mand10 mandolin. It was purchased new in 1979 and the receipt is still in the case. Top right is a Forrest tenor ukulele. Forrest was a house brand from The Uke Room in the UK. Forty of this model were made. 38 were sold, the owner kept one, and I was sent this one as a gift. It is the only one in the US according to sales records. This uke was given to me as the person felt I needed a higher quality all wood instrument. I was learning on an all laminate uke at the time. Also, the uke ties into the lower left guitar.
The lower left guitar is a Taylor Academy 10. It was purchased for me as a thank you gift. There were two parents who have an adult child. That person…tried to harm themselves. Yes, it is what you are thinking. I was in the right place at the right time and prevented it. The dad was so grateful that he bought the Taylor for me. The uke fits in because at the time, I was learning to play the uke. The Forrest uke was a great comfort during that time. That person is doing well now, got help, and has a better quality of life.
The lower right is a 1966 Mosrite square neck Dobro. In 1965-1966 if you wanted a genuine DoBro, Mosrite was the company with the license. Gibson/Epiphone holds the license today. The model is a Texarkana. It was purchased new in 1966.
In the center is a 1953 Gibson J50. It was traded in 1961 between two friends. My 16 year old dad had a motorcycle. His 16 year old friend had the guitar. They traded. Dad’s friend still has the motorcycle and I have the guitar. Ilive on a fixed income due to being visually impaired. There is no way I could afford these instruments. I realize how special they are. Yet, what matters most to me is that three of them belonged to my dad.


I have that same exact mandolin, it was $25 “cash money” at a pawn shop and I fixed it up for about $15 more. I got quite a few killer deals at this particular pawn shop, like this Baby Taylor guitar with long-time discontinued hard case for $100 “cash money”.


That is fantastic. The faded receipt shows the Kay Mand10 was purchased from Jody’s music shop in 1979 for $179. The hard case is there as well.