Smile Deep

This is what I was working on, and I promised myself, that I would come back, once I posted it. I haven’t finished it, but I wanted to come back, and say Happy New Year to you all, and share.

I don’t know what lies Lynn told, she pushed me to where a notification about Astrid and Bobby simply commenting on a thread about belt holders, caused me to have a panic attack, because I thought that the notifications had stopped, hence the post.
I told her she had no manners, she called Simon P and I geriatric assholes, and then reported every comment, a couple of days apart, each time, because she got no response to baiting me.

It doesn’t matter, I will survive, but I was really enjoying this community,
Maybe, it was too soon for me to try to be part of a community.


This is what I put together yesterday.

Smile Deep - YouTube


Hello @Dave_Dunn,
it makes me very happy to see you here again!
I thought exactly what you wrote, sad :cry:!

Greetings from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


Hey, Dave @Dave_Dunn

Nice to see you back here again! I like the “Smile Deep” and look forward to hearing the final version with lyrics and whatever else you plan on adding to it. :love_you_gesture:

– Slim :sunglasses:


I don’t understand half the stuff people post. I don’t understand what thier personal issues have to do with harmonica. I’ve got truck loads and I won’t be dumping any here. I like all your comments and I hope you stay part of my community. X

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Oh hell YEAH! :metal:t3::notes::sunglasses: I LOVE Smile Deep @Dave_Dunn. It fricken ROCKS man. Some harmonic minor harmonica, am I right?

I like the part where the harmonica drops out and it goes to just bass for a second. I think it would be cool if that part came into the arrangement earlier too. It’s really lets things BREATHE in a cool way. I love the way it ends.

HAPPY NEW YEAR my brother!!! I was wondering if we were ever gonna get to hear from you again! And… it was well worth the wait to get to HEAR this! :point_up_2:t3::grin: So stoked on your tune.

Regarding the rest: Yeah, we’ve all been touched by corruption in various, and we each have our individual challenges and triggers, so friction is inevitable in any community context - even more so I think when it’s all just text and we can’t see facial expressions or hear tone of voice.

The most excellent way is if we can forgive and let go of it and be the better for it. I’m hoping we can put our behinds in the past…er, I mean put the past behind us :wink: and that we can all keep geeking out on harmonica together.

We all want to hear more from you Mr. Dunn! Thanks for the post, and ROCK ON. :facepunch:t3: