Smokestack lighting

Hey everyone! I’ve been struggling with learning howlin wolfs riff in smokestack lighting… I’ve tried a few videos from will Wilde and Liam Ward and I just don’t get it… what I here on the track from what they play, to me, it sounds different.

Anyways… anybody got an ideas?

I have transcribe+ and I’ve followed Luke’s advice from other songs and I’m still stuck… :neutral_face:


Mmm. I’m no expert but he basically plays what the piano is playing. However every time he plays it he tweaks it. Im not sure what the problem could be without hearing you. Is the key correct? He’s using a mic. Different mic Different sound. Different speakers Different sound. I even have trouble with the lessons sometimes simply because with Luke using a mic and the sound then being digitised and played through my old Bose desktop speakers getting close to the same sound can be a challenge. Can you tap out the rift on a keyboard then play it with your own groove. Hope this helps.


Hello @JohnJohn,
I just listened to the Will Wilde song. I don’t quite understand the exact content of your question?
He plays it on an A harp in 2nd position, in the song key of E.
Otherwise it is not difficult from the tabsexcept for that - 2" maybe, a little technique like throat vibrato makes it special.
I don’t know if my answer will help you :woman_shrugging:?

Greetings from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:

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Haha I’m explained my self like the same mess I have in my head with this riff… haha
Basically I can’t not get the rhythm… I’m going to watch will Wylde again…


Yeah… I try to always keep that in mind… but I feel it’s just I can’t catch the groove of that rhythm. I’m definitely going to try with the piano!


:smiley: @JohnJohn,
if it is your reply to my comment (unfortunately the @name is missing again :wink:).
Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell from your question that there was a problem with the rhythm, sorry.
With Liam Ward the rhythm is easy to recognize. But I know it, you maybe even know the song and still you don’t get the rhythm. I have a song that I’ve wanted to play for a long time. Sing along works, but don’t play.
I’ll keep at it and eventually it’ll do BAMM. Until then, there are still 1,000 other great songs :slightly_smiling_face:.


Post production can change the sound and Howlin’ Wolf’s days when he recorded were still crude. Black Musicians often had to deal with inferior products back in the day. But most of all, trust your ears or get a pitch pipe and when you listen to a passage see if the pitchpipe lines up with the sound.