So You Wanna Learn How to Play the Harmonica

Hi! It’s been a while since we talked and I have some good news regarding my personal life. I’m going to be a mentor to somebody close by where I live who’s learning harmonica. Yesterday morning, my nana called me and told me that a boy who works for my grandpa at a local cemetery is learning how to play. His name is Jack and he’s a little younger than I am (he’s 21 and I’m 22). So my grandpa told him that I know how to play and asked me if I wanted to be a mentor to Jack, which I accepted the offer. As far as I know, he was struggling with breathing and with creating single notes. I’m not getting paid, I’m just there to give him some help on the instrument. So I filmed this video last night that he could learn from it. I posted this video onto Youtube, not only for convenience, but I hope that a lot of people on Youtube get to see this and learn from somebody like me who has been through it all despite being so young.

BTW, Todd has seen the video and really enjoyed it. So I made my teacher proud by doing this. Most of the stuff I was “parrotting the Parrott”, but I tried my best to give an open conversation on learning the instrument.


I am sure you will do well showing others the instrument. Have fun!


You never know about what this will bring. twenty years from now he may well catch your ear and I’ll bet he will remember what you did for him.


I really enjoyed watching your video.

Congratulations :confetti_ball: :star_struck:

I like your explanations about the different genres of music which the harp can play, and your demonstrations are amazing. You have tremendous control and I love your tone and style!

I also like how you say it is a very personal instrument, and that each of us plays it in our own way.

I can see you very well may have a great future playing and teaching.

How cool is that?

You could become our female @Luke