I was thinking about spaces between notes. It reminded me of a lesson in an art class I took. The professor asked us to draw some easels in the back of the room. The trick was we could only draw the spaces that the easels made, not the easels themselves . When finished blackening the spaces, what you are left with, is whites spaces, which of course were easels. At a later time a guitar teacher gave me a homework assignment. I had to develop a solo for a minute or two but only using one note. It sounded silly at first. Dynamics, length of notes and length of spaces were my only options. Both were great lessons and I believe they said similar things. Focus on the spaces too. To take this to the most extreme, I used what I learned in composing art/music and use it with social interaction and at work ( retire high school teacher). We have been taught to listen to what people say which is really a skill in and of itself. But if you really want to communicate also focus on what they don’t say.


So glad to have you here in the forum. This is a brilliant post in my opinion. I think leaving space and listening are the two keys to improvising well.
Thanks for sharing.