SPAH 2022 Gospel Show and Third Position on Country Tuned Harps

I recently discovered this video while checking out the Gospel Harmonica Community Facebook group. Everybody did a fantastic job during the performances. There were two guys that basically stole the show for me: Joe Filisko and my teacher, Todd Parrott. The Chicago-flavored version of “When the Saints Go Marching In” and the hymn that sounded like a military march being played on an accordion from Joe made my jaw drop.
What was the biggest highlight for me was Todd playing two songs in 3rd position on a country tuned harmonica. I don’t know whether to congratulate him for doing something that unique or to blame myself for giving him the idea to try it. Whatever the case, I’ll have to discuss it with him during my lesson on Thursday.
The reason why I would’ve thought other positions other than cross harp on a country tuned harmonica could work was through looking at the note layout on a website. I noticed that you could work in D major (third position), A major (fourth position), and F# major (seventh position) without trying to overblow/overdraw in some of the scales provided with the tuned up five draw. I hope that this video could get you interested in the tuning as much as I did.


As always thank you @KeroroRinChou. I’ve only had time to get part of the way through the video. Can’t wait to hear it all. Especially looking forward to getting to Mr Parrot. :grin:


All I can say at the moment @KeroroRinChou is WOW.
I have worked with some talented guys. But at times just working out arrangements would lead to punches being thrown due to ego and/or alcohol or whatever else. Even ugly scenes on stage during performances.

After viewing the entire video, I’m must say that it was a privilege to witness so many types of beauty at the same time. I had a hard time getting to where I could find subscribe and like, but I got there in the end. They are all so talented. No one has impressed me like that on a chromatic in a very long time. Please pass on to Tod what an inspiration he is. Though I imagine that he might be tired of hearing it. Walk with grace my friend :innocent:


@stonestone63 I haven’t even heard of Chris Bauer nor heard gospel being played on a chromatic before this video. But I absolutely love his performance either way.


Video starts here: Sat August 13 - Gospel Show - 2022 SPAH Convention - YouTube