Spah line up

Where else but at a SPAH Convention would you be able to hear these amazing acts? Here it is y’all. It’s gonna be :fire:
Click any link to find out more about them

Hank Shreve

Cheryl Arena
World-renowned Jazz Chromatic & Blues Artists – Stay Tuned!
Ross Garren
Kiersi Joli
PT Gazell
The Harmonica Big Band
Enrico Granafei
The Chris Bauer Jazz Hour
Winslow Yerxa
The Michael Rubin Variety Show
The ABC Harmonica Trio, with AJ Windmeyer, Boaz Kim & Phil Caltabellotta
2024 SPAH Youth Scholars from around the Globe

and so many more!

Plus, be able to meet and enjoy the 2024 Honored SPAH Troubadours:
Robert Bonfiglio
Jerry Devillier, and
Will Scarlett

2024 Performers and Programs

At the 2024 SPAH Convention in Tulsa, you will be entertained by some incredible talent, including Hank Shreve, Cheryl Arena, Ross Garren, The AJ Windmeyer/Boaz Kim/Phil Caltabellotta Harmonica Trio, Enrico Granafei, Winslow Yerxa, PT Gazell, Mitch Grainger, Kiersi Joli, 2024 Rosebush Youth Scholars, The Chris Bauer Jazz Hour, The Tom Stryker Big Band, The Michael Rubin Variety Show, all with amazing guitar accompaniment from Kyle Rowland, Dan Ruppa and Eric Noden.

And, there are more world-class acts still to be announced!

Honored SPAH Troubadours who will be with us this year are the amazing Jerry Devillier, Robert Bonfiglio and Will Scarlett!
Of course, don’t forget all the SPAH perennial favorites, returning in 2024: The SPAH Blues Blowoff, Saturday morning Gospel Show, Joe Filisko Teach-in, Wednesday afternoon Blues Showcase, Jazz Jam, and all the evening Blues/Country/Gospel Jams.

The welcome reception starts on Tuesday August 13th at 3:30pm in the hotel lobby.
The registration desk opens at 1:30pm for pre-registered attendees, 3:30pm for those registering on site.
The Blues Blowoff kicks off at 6:30pm on Tuesday evening on the Founders’ Stage. Hope to see ya!


Great post @davidkachalon! Thanks for all the links.

Looking forward to seeing you in Tulsa.

Let’s do dis!




I spoke with Michael today and the hotel is if not sold out very close. I planned to go this August but it sounds like its too late. Camping in August in Tulsa is not for me.

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There are other hotel options nearby.


I wish there was something like this in the UK


There are the biggest harmonica festivals held in Germany every year.


Yes, it’s not too late to come to SPAH for anyone who wants to come to the most amazing harmonica convention in Western hemisphere! :sunglasses:

@chris3 it already happened this year, but put it on the calendar for next year! HARMONICA FEN FESTIVAL : Hohner - enjoy music