Special 20 harp

Hey everyone. I bought a Special 20 harp on amazon the other day.
I bought it because my friend bought one so I thought I would try it out. The one I got from amazon was way lighter than the one my Frend had. In fact the one my friend had weighed Dubble the weight of my Honor harps?

Did I buy a cheap version? If so where can I get the correct one.



Hello @ewillustration,
I just weighed my Special 20 in the key of C from Hohner. This harp is actually lightweight at just 60g.

Are you sure your friend has the same model or is his 1847 from Seydel? This is significantly heavier due to the materials used.

I bought my harp from a German specialist store (Thomann).

Regards from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


Thanks, AstridHandbikebee63
1847 from Seydel, hmm Do I have to get one from Germany :slight_smile:

Would like to have tried it out but I don’t blow on other guys harps :slight_smile:

Will look on Amazon see If I can find one there.



Here is the link from my specialist shop for the Seydel 1847 Lightning. The business is very well known for musicians in Germany and I have never had any problems. They ship worldwide.

You can take a look at the link at your leisure. Maybe you also like a different key or model.
Unfortunately, I don’t know how much the shipping and customs costs are. But it should be in the fine print on the website.

Maybe Amazon (American site) would be better for you. But be careful on Amazon, as people have often described not getting the right harp.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you find the right one. :blush:


Appreciate it!!!


I have a Hohner Special 20 as well as a Suzuki Olive. The special 20 is much lighter than the Olive. If I had to guess I’d say you probably have a legit Hohner Special 20 and maybe your friend’s is a different model?

If you’re in the market for legit harp sellers, I can highly recommend Austin Bazaar (they’re on Amazon), themusicstand.ca, and rockinronsmusic.com. They are all top notch harmonica sellers and good customer service to boot!


Bought the special 1847 G from The Man in Germany. Great customer service. Will be here today. Will let you know the results.
Thanks :wink:


Got the special 1847 G today. Holley fing crap!!!
I sounded very good with a regular Hohner, but with the special 1847. Wow absolutely amazing sound!! Appreciate the tip Sky. going to get the whole set now!!!


wow @ewillustration so glad you found a harp you like! AWESOME.

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Going to cost me but I cant go back now. Going to get all the keys for the Special 20 1847 Harps. Hope I can get a deal on the whole set.