Special 20 the rocket versus the Oscar

Bro tell me why do you like Lee Oscar so much what differs between special 20 and the rocket to Lee Oscar… “in my Indian voice” "tell me my friend tell me the secrets "


Hi @King_zak

I’m not sure to whom you are addressing your question, but I will give you my reply.

I do not find the Lee Oskar harps to be any better than, for example, a Hohner Special 20 or any of their Rocket models. The one advantage that the Lee Oskar models offer is the option to get other tunings that are all basically identical in construction – so if you like one, then you will most probably also like any of the other tuned ones just as well. What many people do not know is that the Seydel company also offers a huge variety of tunings (even ones that personally design) for a very minimal extra cost.

Harmonica preference is a very individual choice. I personally like the Seydel 1847 Classic models very much, but others find them to require too much effort/air to play. This is most probably simply a question of reed adjustment – at least that is my experience with some of them. But I also notice this (reed adjustment) to be necessary on some of the purchased harps by every other manufacturer I have used.

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I’ve never played a Special 20, but if I did, I would most likely enjoy it just as much as my Lee Oskars.
The reason I picked LO over S20 is the labeling


Hi again Slim. How can one test different tunings as very few music stores will allow you to properly test their harps - particularly with Covid lingering. It their an app or demo video?
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Hi Robert @robertchartrand2104

I am fairly certain that the only solution is to make the jump into the cold water and simply buy one to try it. There are various youtube videos demonstrating various tunings, but they cannot answer the question “will I like it?”

My postings here with Luke @Luke (as well as his own) concerning alternate tunings are worth reading before making the plunge.

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@King_zak it’s good to see you back in the forum again my friend. It’s been awhile! I hope you are well. I agree with everything @Slim said here. It’s totally a matter of personal preference. In short, there’s nothing better about a Lee Oskar than your Special 20 (except for the key labels!)

I fell in love with Lee Oskars at a time when Hohner Harmonica’s were difficult to bend, and then again when I’d switched to Special 20’s and was blowing them out because it happened to be another rough spot for that company and that model, and then again because Lee Oskar reached out to me after I released the blues rap Nowelo project and became my friend and mentor and gave me a whole bunch of harmonicas! So it’s just a very personal thing, as @Slim said. It’s not quantitative AT ALL! (Except for the key labels.:joy:)

Hey @robertchartrand2104 I believe this is the thread to which @Slim is referring:

I would say if you want to explore alternate tunings, the Lee Oskar Natural Minor key of Em (or Am if you like higher harps - it’s comparable to a D harmonica in it’s range) would be a great place to start your explorations!

But what @Slim is saying is you gotta just take the risk and spend the dough to see what awaits you in those waters!

Rock on y’all! :metal:t3:


That’s righteous man, i didn’t even know you had a album out put a link so I can go take a look…

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LOL. The group is called Nowelo. You can look it up wherever you listen to music. I’m hesitant to post a link because of all the explicit lyrics. This group was a duo consisting of myself playing instruments and producing, and a rapper.

I struggled sometimes with the content of the lyrics, but ultimately made the decision that you can’t censor art. He’s had a very difficult life, and I think writing is his catharsis. We end up parting ways a few months before I started working for Harmonica.com.

But I"m happy to share the one hip hop song I’ver released since then, “Natural High” by Truth Musiq (that’s what many people call me in the music world because I have the word “Truth” tattooed on the back of my head, lol.)
Here’s the Spotify link.


Harmonica solo is at 2:43.

I’ll definitely share stuff I record in the future. I’ve tracked an album of instrumental healing music with my favorite guitar player. Hoping we can get it mixed, mastered, and released before the end of the year…

Rock on @King_zak

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