Special 20 versus crossover

So, in a previous post, I mentioned that my special 20 C harmonica is much easier to play in my crossover C. Thank you for all of the good advice that I received. But, I noticed the other day that when I squeezed the top of the crossover, it becomes far more easier to play. How do I fix this problem, if all the other screws are tight like they should be?


@JGFR3318 Thanks for the post. Curious to see what you find out! I have a Special 20 and an MB Crossover as well. I’ve had no issues with either of them. I’ve been taking my lessons on a Lee Oskar and have found that the Special 20 is even easier to play that the LO, and the Crossover is the easiest of the three!! Simply phenomenal!

The Crossover does have side vents, so that may have something to do with it, but it doesn’t have the internal supports in the center that the Special 20 does. @Luke noted in his video review of the Rocket (which is essentially an updated Special 20) that without the center supports, his Crossover has become squished in the middle from squeezing and holding it while playing.

Though most of the reviews I’ve seen say the opposite of your situation; those harmonicas with support and that are more open have better tone and sound projection. Curious to see what you find out!