Suzuki Hammond HA-20

Hi there,

Has somebody tried the Suzuki Hammond? I find it very good looking, all that black is so fantastic. I know that @Luke is no fan of Suzukis, so I expect a biased opinion if he ever tried one :wink:


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I have gone back-n-forth on weather to buy one or not. My granddaughter and I are huge Hammond B3 organs and as a gag, I’ve kicked around the idea of buying her, her very own Hammond.



Well @p.alfarano although I’m not a big fan of Suzuki’s I DO LOVE THE HAMMOND. It’s my favorite Suzuki. I don’t care for the HarpMaster, FolkMaster, or BluesMaster. And even the Manji leaves me wanting.

But I do love that sexy Hammond! First of all, she’s sooooo easy on the eyes. But also easy on the lips and hands. Super-responsive, easy to bend. I give it 4.4/5 stars, the same rating I give to the Hohner Special 20.

The only thing about it, you know it has the aluminum comb, and the tone of it is slightly, well, metallic. But still it’s my favorite Suzuki. That’s my 2 cents, for what it’s worth.


I gave one a try on amazon a few months ago in A. It looks great and is easy enough to play. I don’t love the sound and probably won’t buy another. Like I said, it looks great.

I am on a beach vacation, so I can put some serious time on my instruments when I’m not in the water. I just spent 30 minutes with the Hammond. I’m glad I bought it. I just probably wouldn’t own a whole set of them.