Tab request

Has or can anyone work out the tab for the intro of Joni Mitchell’s “You Turn Me On, I’m a Radio”. Apparently played by Graham Nash, it’s pretty brief and simple, but beyond me to tab it. Also the native key is Eb (I believe) but I’m playing it in C major. TIA


@ydandtl - welcome to the forum! Yeah, you’ll need an Eb harmonica to be able to play along with that song and you’ll have no problem.

(Or use a transcription software like Transcribe! or Amazing Slow Downer to lower pitch of song 3 semitones.)

345 -456 345 -345 345

Rock on. :sunglasses:


Thanks so much Luke.
I will give it a go - just for clarity - I wanted to play along with my own
ukulele playing in key of C. So using the chords in the intro of
C Cmaj7 F G7sus4 - I can use this tab with my C harmonica?

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Yes, precisely!