Tabs for Luke's Intro's?

Somebody asked me if I could do a video teaching some of the intro’s I do for my harmonica vids. I asked him if he could be more specific, and he said like this little bullet:

Which is just a little pedal thing I do all the time. (In music terminology a pedal is when you keep playing the same note throughout a passage.) In this case I’m “pedaling” on the 3. Here’s the tabs:

So it starts like this: 3 -3 3 4 3 -4 3 4
Then it repeats the beginning 3 -3 3 4 3
And then ends with a variation on the answer phrase -4 -4’ -3 -2. Instead of going straight down goes back up to the blow 4 like this: -4 -4’ -3 4 -3 -2

It’s not too complicated. The thing that makes it sound flashy is the speed. Best way to develop speed is to be really patient and play it really slowly over and over and over and over…

So this lick all together is: 3 -3 3 4 3 -4 3 4 3 -3 3 4 3 -4 -4’ -3 4 -3 -2

On the subject of pedals, I do THIS all the time: 3 -3 3 4 3 -4 3 4 3 (repeat infinitely) Sounds even cooler if you play it with the -3’. Great lick to include in solos. :+1:t3:

But WITH ANY SCALE it’s a GREAT EXERCISE to play from the 1st note to 2nd, 1st to 3rd, 1st to 4th etc. all the way to the top of the scale and then back down. So with he Blues Scale: Ascending: 3 -3’ 3 4 3 -4’ 3 -4 3 -5 3 6 3
and Descending: 3 6 3 -5 3 -4 3 -4’ 3 4 3 -3’ 3 -2" 3 -1 3 -1’ 3 1 3

And then of course you could come back up. You get the idea. You could make it harder and pedal on the -2 instead of the 3. You could also pedal on the 6, or -4, or any note in the scale. Great stuff to work out for sure!

I’ve digressed a bit (imagine that? first time for everything :wink:)

But I figured I’d start a thread in case anyone else was interested in learning any intros from any of my vids. If there are a few people wanna learn maybe I’d do a lil instructional video on a few of them?

LMK your thoughts if any…



Thank you so much Luke for doing this and documenting it so well, just like your modules and lessons. Really appreciate this!

BTW, I just received a Seydel 1837 Classic Wilde Rock C yesterday and now to practice these intros and turn arounds on on this thing. Fore-warning, I am likely to annoy all the neighborhood dogs, cats, and birds.

I am also going to make a fore-arm band with the draw/blow sequences printed on it (kinda like an NFL quarterback with their plays) so I can pause while walking to check what holes are next.

Truth-be-told: yes, the pause is really to catch my breath, but at least, it will look like I am being studious and give the animals a chance to regain their composure.