Tabs for Something in Orange (Z&E version) by Zach Bryan?

Does anyone know the harmonica tabs for new song by Zach Bryan … Something in the Orange … (Z& E version) , thanks, Allen.


Hey Allen - I’ve got a note to get to this when I can. Anyone else wanna give it a stab?


Hey Luke,

Let me know if you’ve been able to get to this. Would love to learn it!


@bradleytoft welcome to the forum my friend! I have not. But based on your +1 I have moved it up the priority list! :slight_smile:


I’ve also been trying to get this one down and just can’t get it


@bennion.palmer welcome to the forum! And now you’ve pushed it even HIGHER on the priority list. I’m gonna start to feel mean if I don’t address this soon…:rofl:


I also have been looking for this lol


I messed around with a G harp to try and figure out some of the notes to this song but I can’t get it to sound quite right. I might be using the wrong key but I’m also really new to harmonica so he might be bending notes which is why I can’t replicate it.


I think it’s in a f but using a c


hey luke just checking in to see if you have got anywhere with this. thanks


All right @ajreiffer @bradleytoft @bennion.palmer @Isaiah2604 - Good things come to those who wait! :wink: I’ve finally got Something in the Orange (Z&E Version) harmonica tabs for ya!

@guiltysilence - welcome to the forum my friend! You are correct: he is using a G harmonica. The song is in G major or E minor, depending on your perspective (they’re the same thing as I explain here.)

So this is a basic “folk style” approach to harmonica playing in 1st position, in the style of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and Billy Joel.

There are two main harmonica parts in this tune: The Intro at the beginning, and The Solo at 1:52.

Intro Tabs:
45 56 34
-345 345
-345 345 -456 456 345

Solo Tabs
56 56 56 56 56 56 -456 567
56 56 56 56 56 56 -456 567
67 -56’ -56 67 -56 56
56 56 56 56 56 56 -456 567
567 567 567 567 567 567 -456 567
-78 67 34

Couple notes here:

In the third line of the solo, for the second note I wrote -56’ -56 to indicate that he bends that note a bit (this is a very common place to bend in this style.) It’s just one long note, but I wanted to note the little bend he does there cuz it adds a lot of flavor.

One of the challenges here is that he playing a lot of stuff “dirty.” Playing “dirty” is when you play one note and you allow a little bit of an adjacent tone to in as well (but it’s quieter than the main note.)

For example, first note of the third line I wrote 67, but you mostly her the 7 and just a little bit of the 6.

Similarly, on the last line with those 567’s, you kinda here those 7’s less and less as he approaches the -456.

BTW - “dirty notes” are most often talked about in a blues context, and most often it’s the upper adjacent note that get’s added in. So a “dirty -4” usually would mean letting in a tiny bit of the -5 as well. A “dirty -5” would be letting in a tiny bit of the -6 as well. But I digress.

Hope those tabs help and that you have fun jamming along with this tune.

If you don’t have a G harmonica, and you wanna buy one to play along with this tune, I’d recommend a Marine Band Deluxe for this style of music. It’s tuning sounds sweetest for chords, and it’s super comfy.