Taking on too much?!

I have to admit I’ve been neglecting harmonica of late. Seems ages since I played. Part of the reason is that I resumed playing guitars and then in the summer started learning bass under the care of Bass Buzz website! I also play re.corder (an electronic version of the lowly recorder) and mess around with midi keyboards. So thats where the time goes! Anyway I finally played a few tentative notes on my trusty Hohner Rocket and plan to get back to a routine - even a few minutes per day should be doable :slight_smile:


Hey @jeffw here’s a few thoughts on how to sneak a lil harmonica into your daily routine and work the power of the Magic 5-minute formula:

  1. In the bathroom when you’re doing your business
  2. If you have a dog you that you walk, or you take walks
  3. In the car (always a place I’ve gotten a lot of practicing done.)
  4. If you’ve got the courage: in the grocery store

I was actually walking around Costco playing the a few weeks ago, and nobody even got mad at me. One man even smiled and said it sounded good. Most people didn’t even seem to notice.

Take advantage of the harmonica’s portability!

It’s awesome you’re doing basbuzz. Best bass lessons on the planet. Everything is everything. Music is music. Nothing is wasted.


Thank you for the advice. I’m enjoying the bass and even got myself a Hofner Violin bass for those Beatles tunes! And Josh is great - makes it a lot of fun. There’s stuff I can’t manage due to old fingers, lack of dexterity, age! etc - but I get a lot out of it.


Yeah I love the lack of demand on dexterity that harmonica provides me! (Except for TB-ing of course! :rofl:)