Talking Thirds Theory with Todd Parrott

I had my lesson with Todd yesterday and it went smoothly like always. When he was in the middle of tabbing out the song I’m working on, I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw a video of him on Tomlin Leckie’s Facebook page talking about music theory. And then a whole conversation went from there. I told him that he had a voice that was very pleasant to listen to with headphones on. In which prompted him to tell me a story about how somebody else complimenting his voice over the phone. Todd explained why he thinks he has a soft voice and then said “maybe I should’ve had a career in radio”. And then he started to do a radio DJ impression and made me laugh. I’m just having an absolute blast with these lessons with him. Believe it or not, I sort of view Todd as my “harmonica dad” as he gives off this caring older brother/father vibe. It also helps that he’s a father of two children as well. I could tell these stories about him all day.
Here’s the video from Tomlin’s page that I’m talking about:


@KeroroRinChou I love your story and that Todd is a harmonica “father” to you. SO AWESOME!!! Speaks volumes about the kind of man he is (in addition to being one of the greatest players.)

I don’t know if this is true for others, but unfortunately, whenever you post “Facebook watch” videos in the forum, I can see them. I mean, a thumbnail is there, but when I press play nothing happens. Are others having the same problem as me?


@Luke, no, the videos work for me without any problems.
Good time for you!

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Hey, Luke @Luke

The videos work for me too (on my Android phone and on my Notebook computer using the Firefox browser).

– Slim :sunglasses:

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Thanks. Todd is super nice and very honest about my playing. He said that he wouldn’t compliment my playing if he didn’t mean it.
Also about the issue your having: the video works fine on my iPad.


Weird. Not sure why it doesn’t work for me. You’re using the Safari browser?

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Yes, I’m using Safari.

I use Chrome on my Android tablet, @Luke.:slightly_smiling_face: