Terry McMillan and Larry Carlton's song after Renegade Gentlemen

Many people in the harmonica community know about the 1993 album ‘Renegade Gentlemen’ featuring jazz guitarist Larry Carlton and Nashville session musician Terry McMillan. That album has some of the most wild and soulful harmonica playing from Terry. But did you know they did one more song together 11 years after it came out?
In 2004, they collaborated one last time with the song “Take Me Down” on Carlton’s album ‘Sapphire Blue’. This song is just guitar and harp together, both on separate audio channels. I love how in sync these guys are, especially when playing each other’s licks. In my opinion, Terry’s chugging in this song is at its most percussive and his tone at its most soulful.
Key of A Hohner Golden Melody


Thank you so much for sharing this @KeroroRinChou. Great stuff! I so appreciate all of the the Terry McMillan gems that you excavate from the tiny corners of the globe. :blush:

I loved this lick bluesy, but almost has an Irish sound to it, lol.

I agree I love it when they are imitating each other. That’s always some of my favorite parts in music!

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