Terry McMillan playing harmonica with Toby Keith (1961-2024)

If you hadn’t heard the news, country music superstar Toby Keith passed away last week. SiriusXM was doing a full on marathon of his top hits on one of their stations, Prime Country, throughout the week as a tribute to him. One of the songs that I heard was “Getcha Some”, which had some harmonica playing on it.

When comes to his harmonica players, Toby Keith had some of the biggest names in Nashville to back him up, including (but not limited to) Mickey Raphael and Pat Bergeson. Yes, THAT Pat Bergeson. But the player on this song, who I immediately recognized by his tone, was Terry McMillan. That was very interesting because I often associated Terry with songs like “Ain’t Goin’ Down (Til The Sun Comes Up)”, which has a more aggressive and very bluesy style like this.

“Getcha Some” has some bluesy playing in it, but Terry decided to be more chill with this song by also using traditional country stylings as well. This is what I meant by Terry mixing both country and blues styles to create his own sound.
Rest in Peace to Toby Keith and Terry McMillan


Oh no! I hadn’t heard that. What a great loss. Oh gosh, Toby Keith was such a great artist. I’m so sad to hear of his passing. Only 62 years old - so sad.

This is some really nice playing by our beloved Terry McMillan. Thank you for sharing this @KeroroRinChou!