Thank You

Thank You.

50 Harmonica Newsletters Celebration

Funny Story. :rofl:

As you may know I live in Hawaii. :palm_tree:

This summer I traveled to Hartford, Wisconsin with my wife and 3 kids to visit my wife’s 99 year old grandmother (who is still living at her own home, and is still as sharp as a tack! :hushed:).

Hartford is a small rural community. A random town in middle America. It’s like Timbuktu.

But it happens to have an amazing public pool, and the fam and I had enjoyed a long hot day of waterslides and lazy river rides, and we were walking to the car when I heard some say:

Oh my gosh you’re the harmonica guy! Wait, are you the harmonica guy? Wait right here, I’m gonna park my car…

As he parked the car to come and have a chat, my wife and teenage daughter were delighted to no end (oh my gosh, you’re famous!).

I walked over and met Paul, an amazing man who teaches special education and has been playing harmonica since high school, and he thanked me for my YouTube videos and as a teacher appreciated the lesson plans. The family is still talking about it. :flushed:

But for me it was cool because I’m slogging away here in my little studio in the middle of the Pacific ocean, and it can feel pretty isolated at times. To connect with a real human being face to face was meaningful.

Since I’m pasting this from the 50th newsletter that I’ve sent out, I wanted to pause and say THANK YOU! :pray:

Thanks for reading, watching, listening, and for being passionate about learning harmonica.

I appreciate you

We have such a positive, encouraging community of harmonica-lovers from all over the globe. It is so much fun to share the journey of exploring all facets of this amazing little instrument together with all of you.



Oh @Luke, your experience gives me goosebumps and I give you a big thank you in return!

Even though I still consider myself an advanced beginner, I have learned a lot thanks to you and the many helpful tips from some users in the forum.
Previously, I struggled through the Internet with a single cheap harp and didn’t find anything helpful.
Without discovering your lessons, I certainly wouldn’t have continued.

Maybe it’s a good thing you live on Maui. Many of us would certainly thank you personally in a more central way :smiley:.

On that note, carry on, you are patient and give us musical superpowers! All the best to you and your beautiful family :pray:!

Best Regards from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


Thank you @Luke
I enjoy this website and it’s very well presented and run, and I’ve been enjoying this forum as a beginner (I’m gradually moving from “experimental noises” to recognisably “a tune”).
I think a lot more people people apprecite your efforts than you realise.


Thanks to YOU for bringing us all together. Wonderful place on the web!


@burpsan thanks for sharing my friend. I appreciate it. :facepunch:t3:


I don’t know the next time I will be in Hawaii but if you are stuck in Minnesota near the Twin cities message me and you can come out for a fire at the house. Bring the kids and I am sure mine will teach them some bad habits. Or, maybe someday I’ll see you at that harmonica convention you were talking up for a group jam. I know I would probably recognize you after all those videos.


Sounds great! I look forward to either scenario. Tulsa August 13-17 2024 for next SPAH.


Thanks @Luke for all you do. I have been playing music for years but you make it fun to learn again.