Thanks A LOT, Pal!

Saturday night, 12/17/22, was Cecily Strong’s last regular performance as a cast member on Saturday Night Live after 11 years. As a tribute the cast sung Blue Christmas with Elvis impersonator/actor and host Austin Butler. The performance was well done and moving. So well done and moving that for days I had the earworm Blue Christmas in my head wherever I went…
After about 3 days I returned to normal - and then I opened your darn email with “5 Levels of Xmas songs”! The first one is Blue Christmas!!! Now I have that song AND my harmonica in my head.
Thanks A Lot, Pal!

P.S. It sounds great on my Seydel Session Steel in Low C. (My poor,. poor wife…)


Aw, that’s awesome to hear Jeff! Rock on my friend. :raised_hands:t3: