The #1 Mistake that Harmonica Players Make

Hands down, the #1 mistake that beginner, intermediate, and advanced players make is this:

Playing with lips too tense, and too shallow on the harmonica.

“The more relaxed you are, the smoother and faster you’ll run” Usain Bolt once said. And, you know what? The more relaxed your mouth position is the smoother and faster you’ll be able to play harp.

If you don’t cultivate a Deep Relaxed Mouth Position on the harmonica, you will never play with that beautiful bluesy tone that makes us fall in love with the harmonica again, every time we hear it. And if you were to poll every great professional harmonica player and teacher, I guarantee you that they’d agree with me.

The best time to learn the Deep Relaxed Mouth Position is now. And if you’re a total beginner, well, lucky you, that’s perfect timing, my friend. You can get off the starting block ahead of the pack!

To see what it actually looks like you can check out my lesson on it.

Here’s to relaxation! :wink:




Great advice !

There isn’t much in life that can’t be improved by relaxing. Pretty much every time I’ve messed something up, it was because I’d become tense.


Luke, great advice. Myself I am doing your course en also looked up some free videos on youtube on the lip-blocking embouchure like Jon Gindick’s and a few others. I also came across a nice video from Michelle Berthon where she shows her embouchure in close-up while playing a beatles song. I have a lot to learn that’s for sure as I also tend to freeze my lips (although I can relax already quite a bit better but sometimes falling back to old/wrong habbits). The videi : How to Play “Yesterday” by the Beatles in crossharp, close up embouchure - YouTube


WOW, extremely crisp, clear and precise notes and especially her bends. Looking forward to more from her . . . Thanks for sharing