The 5-Minute Miracle

About 10 years ago I learned the magic of 5 minutes. In addition to harmonica, I’ve played guitar all my life, and about 10 yrs ago I realized that I couldn’t play arpeggios well.

In case you don’t know, an arpeggio is just playing the notes in a chord one at a time, instead of playing them simultaneously. I could play scales and chords, but some how I’d neglected to learn arpeggios.

Well somebody had recently told me the about the 5-minute miracle. Practice something for 5 minutes EVERY DAY. Set a timer. DON’T ALLOW yourself to practice any more than 5 minutes. Your frustration will teach your body to get into it even faster, to be more ready to get it the next day. That’s the general philosophy…

So, I tried it, and I was committed. Every morning I did it. I used the timer feature on my smartphone metronome app so the click would stop after 5 minutes. (Confession: sometimes I would re-start it once or twice.)

Part of the idea of this is tricking you into practicing. “IT’S ONLY 5 MINUTES! CERTAINLY I can spare FIVE MEASLY MINUTES!” LOL.

Anyways, starting yesterday, I’m committing myself to practice inhaling and doing the coughing technique in time on draw holes 1-6 in order to try and develop a vibrato for the first time in my life.

We shall see 2 things at the end of June:
1.) Am I able to do succeed at practicing for 5 minutes a day (I have my doubts)
2.) Did it create a miracle?

Either YES: I can play with a rich vibrato now!
Or NO: I STILL can’t fricken do a vibrato! LOL.

Wanna join me? Wanna try out the 5-minute miracle? LMK what you’re gonna commit to. Let’s hold each other accountable!



Keep us posted Luke!

It does sound like ‘get 6 pack abs in 1 month, exercising only 5 minutes a day’. :grimacing: But never say never.

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Ha! Well you probably can get a 6 pack exercising 5 minutes a day for a month… if you don’t eat anything for the entire 30 days! :wink:

Part of the idea here is your basically “tricking” yourself into practicing because who can’t spar 5 minutes out of their day? I mean…it’s FIVE FRICKEN MINUTES! LOL.

I’ll keep you posted. I’m 9 days in, and I’ve only missed one day. I’m shooting for 7 days/week, but I’ll consider 6 days/week to still be a success. As of today, I still can’t do a killer vibrato, BUT I have noticed an improvement in my playing.

I’ll check back in 3 weeks and let you know how it went…