The blues Never Die by Otis Spain

Looking for key and tabs for a song that just makes the blues come alive (for me anyway) would love to be able to do this with background music! Check out The Blues Never Die by Otis Spann. Would love how to learn how to do the “wawa” on this song!


Tabs for this aren’t online anywhere as you probably have found already. It’s in the key of C according to Google.
So a C or F Harmonica but you could play it in another key. There are hundreds of great backing tracks on YouTube. You can search the key and tempo. Eg. I searched slow blues backing track in C.
Good luck with the tabs.


Hey @stansniper168 nice to see ya.

This song is played on a C harmonica, 2nd position, key of G.

Starts with a bend into -45

All the notes are played DIRTY (allowing adjacent notes to sound) but the basic idea is:

-3 4 -4’ -4 -4’ -4 -4’ -4
-2"-2 -2’-2 -2’-2
-3 4 -2 -1 -2" -1 -1’ -1

The second line of tabs here there’s a hand wah on each one of the fast bends into -2.

This song is in 12/8, meaning there’s 3 pulses on each beat, and he’s doing hand wah to that pulse on the firs few notes of the third line.

That should help get you pointed in the right direction!

Rock on! :sunglasses:


Thank you Luke… that’s just a really great song. If I can learn to play like that…I’ll be satisfied for picking yhe harp up!