The Less You Care, The Better You Play

Did you know you might be able to accelerate your growth as a harmonica player by caring less? I know. It sounds strange, right?

But it’s true. If you just want SO BADLY to be able to play something on the harmonica that you can’t play right now, then that energy will create tension in your body. Uh-oh…

Tension is the enemy of mastery.

Relaxation is a key to mastery.

What are you WANTING SO BADLY right now? Are you trying to master a song, or a lick, or a new technique? Next time you go to practice it say, “Who even cares if I can ever do this or not?”

After all, there’s all kinds of tragedy happening in the world. Children are dying of starvation, wars are raging, people are losing loved ones. There is no shortage of critical issues.

Whether or not you can bend on the harmonica isn’t a big deal. And what do you know, when you adopt a more relaxed mindset suddenly learning comes that little bit easier . Life can be weird like that.

Did I just make all this up as some new-age zen nonsense? Nope. Ask Kenny Lerner; check out his highly rated book Effortless Mastery, Liberating the Musician Within.

Rock on,


Take the mindset of…
I play for the enjoyment of myself, and the irritation of others…


Beautifully said like that enjoyment for myself and who cares what others think it’s only opinions


Also thanks luke your cool brother I dig watching your helpful hints and at the end when you get toung tied lol makes me laugh